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Well my first solder paste and oven board worked first time. But when I unplugged and plugged in again it did not. I can now make it start by measuring the voltage on the reset pin. I hate Heisenberg! Back to check the data sheet, I bet I need a cap in there!

It is a good job I don't really do PCB design for a living, I'd never finish a board. So many tweaks and fine tuning. So many ideas, like the fact this is "thin" matters when in back of a back box with a button/switch, so moving all components to front can save a 1mm height.

RT alexbloor:

And here we see a Fire and Rescue service doing, essentially, adverts for a mobile app. Nothing abnormal about that. Oh no.

RT alexbloor: I definitely don't suggest you comment on this, the full youtube video. Oh no, don't. Definitely. No. That would be bad.

RT cybergibbons: Empirically, over the last few weeks, we showed how adding or removing an "s" to a single word in a What3Words address can result in another location under 20km away.

Want to understand why this is? It's inherent to their algorithm.

A deep dive.

RT neil_neilzone: Insufficiently discussed is that those out to harm children - online and offline - are not just strangers.

Abusers can be parents, guardians, wider relatives, and so on.

Giving these closer-to-home abusers even more surveillance power and control is a significant risk.

RT neil_neilzone: This is the key message in the current Internet (but mostly web, really) governance debate: the web is *not* a playground.

Areas designed for use by children should be safe for them, sure.

But an approach of โ€œthe web must be child safeโ€ is misguided.

RT AlecMuffett: @javierruiz @bricksilk @gaillkent @messenger @NCA_UK The internet is not a playground, it is misconceived to believe that we can make it so, & the consequences of attempting such are deeply illiberal &prone to be "ratcheted" into severe oppression in "less free" countries.

Better, instead, to carve out a child-safe subset of it.

Wow, the more you dig, the worse it gets.

QT alexbloor: @ninkosan @p0welly @jaspermccrea @sabik @GuLinux @ppiixx @AaronToponce @embedded_iot OK the vast majority of NATO phonetics are in the word list.

This is beyond stupid, since we have real accounts of people spelling the words out.

I guess an NFC reader for outside the door needs something on the inside to work the lock :-)
[yeh, needs tracking, but this is the idea for the access control board]

RT alexbloor: Hey all!

What3words run a dangerous location system that could put lives at risk and make legal threats against people who research it.

Also they hate when people mention whatfreewords (a open implementation of their system they got shut down).

So definitely don't RT this.

RT cybergibbons: Pick a @what3words address in that blue square and add or remove and "s" to the end of the middle word.

20912 addresses with issues. Out of 1485706.

A 1 in 72 chance of hitting a square where the what3words address and "London" would not be enough to locate you.

RT alexbloor: @SigniusNetworks @AaronToponce @spyblog @what3words The researchers already did all the discovery.

Stable door. Horse bolted.

Trying to paint the 'other side' as the bad guys won't work. Their system sucks. Their ethics are in question; they promise things about their system that are PROVEN false, now.

And now, legal threats.

RT AaronToponce: I've been served legal threats by @what3words. Both via email and post.

I am complying with all their demands. This is not a battle worth fighting.

Just let it be known however, they are evil.

OK twitter, do your worse, I have clearly been stupid - what sort of solder paste do I need to buy? I have a proper steel .125 stencil (very nice, from @pcbtrain), and I got some solder paste from RS, and even stored in fridge (says 2-8C), but this is what happened?!

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