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I did occur to me that if w3w added a number to the end as an optional check, maybe a couple of digits even, but ideal if it can be one digit, they could help reduce errors a bit and still be โ€œthree wordsโ€, and backwards compatible...
But even then itโ€™s real use cases are slim.

Any air con experts on here?
Want to do two (adjacent) bedrooms.
Nice if they were โ€œductedโ€ (is that right) so the actual unit is in the loft.
Nice to have a fresh air intake somehow too.
Probably needs to be single external unit.
No idea what systems make sense.

RT NoDPI: @alexbloor You're gonna love this.

What three word combo, actually what single word above all others, might you exclude from your dictionary? I dunno, how about...

ffs :)

RT BenBloggs: @alex_roddie I had to report an incident to emergency services this weekend while in a rural location, and when I offered a Grid Ref from my Garmin cross-checked to an OS Map they asked me to download W3W... ๐Ÿ™„

RT alexbloor: BBC Radio cover what3words + concerns that emergency services have about it.

Jump to 8mins 35seconds:

My own view: w3w bullshits through this, and fails to deal with any of the valid concerns. Doubles down, in fact.

Good exposition of the problem tho.

RT goatchurch: @alexbloor @cybergibbons What3words so bad its even hit theb6 o'clock news.

Jump to 25:30

I am not sure I ever expected to hear the phrase โ€œeven the duck needed hosing downโ€...

RT MissRubyRousson: What gets me about the hubbub around vaccine passports is that this what disabled people already experience.

We have to have physical medial *proof* weโ€™re disabled to be valid to others - especially if we want to book something with accommodations.

Yet people donโ€™t care.

RT cybergibbons: Rescuers question what3words' use in emergencies.

Tens of situations where the system has failed.

@what3words response - it can work...

It would really help if things were actually labelled.
I thought this was a VL53L1X ToF ranger.
It looks like it may be a MAX30102 heart rate monitor.
No wonder I could not talk to it ?!?!

RT BigBrotherWatch: "The UK has often been a world leader in promoting human rights, yet the could set a precedent for all the wrong reasons; introducing state-backed censorship on a scale never seen before in the Western world"

@Mark_AJohnson | @spectator

Why does navigating a supermarket feel like running a PCB track in KiCad following a 2m clearance design rule? Sometimes it is a shame real life does not have the โ€œshove modeโ€ that KiCad has :-)

RT alexbloor: In the RIN event, the representative from w3w implied that emergency services was really an afterthought use case for them.

But here is a page from material supplied by w3w to one emergency org, coaching staff on how to use the system.

It's similar to SARLOC, but worse! 1/2

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