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And put 5Q9RPRCC+69P in the search box and select it....
Yes, w3w understand plus codes!!!!!

Has anyone notices that OFCOMs efforts to force CLI checking have now caused junk calls to be from non UK numbers now. Whack-a-mole and totally pointless effort and a lot of work for all Uk telcos.

1st try - cheap laser only did raster
2nd try - nice laser, will use, but can't find suitable material to laser cut
3rd try - Thursday - a knife blade vinyl cutter and some mylar...
We'll see how it goes.

Impressed with the NEJE laser.
I had to load parallels to run the GRBL code reflash we, but after that it just works. Laserweb works.
Snag is finding a material that would work for a solder paste stencil and so far no joy. Mylar melts, acetate burns, card absorbs paste...

I was getting worried, it was not working well. It picked up a fob when in contact but not bank cards. I now know that shorting one side of the antenna to 3.3V is bad. It is now working perfectly :-) So V2 boards are good.

So, yes, someone has managed to reverse engineer the raster mode of this K3 laser thing, but I want cutting for solder paste stencil. Close, I managed to make a few lines, but have not managed it yet. May have to reflash with GRBL...

Time to reverse engineer this little beastly. Whatโ€™s the betting USB serial and GCODE of some flavour. Well wire shark on windows laptop. Might leave until morning though...

Frustrating, amazon.
What I ordered yesterday has not yet arrived, ETA 8pm-10pm.
What I ordered this morning, dispatched (same day) from the same depot, has arrived...

It is a tad frustrating waiting for components and PCBs. Even though my design works, and I think better than the Elechouse even, I want to send some of the V2 boards to a tame RF engineer :-) Even so, V3 awaits, with moved tamper switch. And, of course, QR code :-)

Tomorrow I plan to understand solder paste, stencils, and reflow ovens :-)

I love how every spa chemical has a big warning about not mixing with any other chemicals. Err?!?

Well, my Shelly tasmotizer board is going well. One more tweak as that solid state relay is way too big... Iโ€™ve put in a pull request for tasmotizer to fix DTR/RTS handling when sending config. Works well though!

Let the fun begin - version 2 of the boards. Just waiting on the 0805 components to arrive.

RT bazzacollins: Please read the full report. Itโ€™s a pretty sickening indictment of how even a childrenโ€™s charity can play fast and loose with the facts on a serious topic.

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