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Well, the hot tub time machine is in full swing. Thanks for all the advice on chemicals.

On a serious note, whilst this is a fun project, I'm interested in whether these would sell. And to that end, when I have some made up, I may be looking to people that would like one sent to play with and give feedback.

I have 6 (genuine) Elechouse PN532 NFC readers going spare (3 with separate antenna), if anyone wants to make me an offer.

OK, I understand chlorine.
I understand pH.
But surely โ€œalkalinityโ€ is measured on pH scale???

May soon be time for a version 2 of the board, with 0804 components this time, corrected crystal pin out, change of GPIO for LEDs so it should work (why P34 does not work is beyond me!).

Off to a shaky start with that crystal, and yes, an oven is on order, but holy crap it works!

Well, slightly depressing, my PCB is not good. Seriously - who labels pin outs "underside view"? A fudge to get the crystal running means I can talk serial to the PN532 which is a start. But connecting the RF rx side kills it! Some more debug needed.

So that is 10 more Shelly 1s installed so far this weekend :-)

Hmm, so the hp/aruba J9774A seem not to like me adding a VLAN to Trk24. Well, one VLAN (3), another is fine (107). What the hell. Driving me mad!

Linking tasmota Shelly 1 to homebridge and hence Apple HomeKit was fun.
Linking my environmental sensors was even more fun!
Apple donโ€™t seem to know CO2 sensors though?

I was surprised "plus codes" go for 20 not 25 character set. With 25 you can use a 5x5 grid at each level. 8 character plus code gives max 278m wide, but 8 character from 25 is max 102m. At 8+3 it is 0.8m vs 3.5m.

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