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More confusion of guidance and law...
IMHO It should be illegal to misrepresent the law (maybe just for people like police and public bodies). And I think anything claiming to state the law should state the reference so it can be checked. Would help a lot...

Hey @skytv I did not get a reply, but how do I get you to just update my address? Your web site had rubbish about booking an engineer, which we donโ€™t need. Weโ€™ve moved, it is all working, so just need you to update the address you have for us.

Cant get dentist for 2 weeks, arg.
So, google temporary fillings.
Which to pick... Hmmm.

Hey @Farnell_Avnet I ordered this morning for pre-9 tomorrow and not yet shipped. Any way to check you will in fact be shipping for pre-9 tomorrow?

So all the other ships get to do a racing start at this point?

OK @RSComponents what is going on? This is literally a few resistors that you have in stock, ordered 8:50am on Thursday and not shipped yet. I assume "same day dispatch" is no longer a thing with RS now, not even "same week"!

RT Ofcom: A reminder that our consultation on emergency video relay services closes tomorrow.

Last chance to tell us your views:

RT neil_neilzone: Just a normal Sunday afternoon reminder for smaller Internet access providers in the UK that Ofcomโ€™s further consultation, which would see you having to fund and implement emergency video relay capability, closes on Tuesday 30th March:

RT neil_neilzone: This entails more than just providing connectivity to a relay service operated by the emergency services (although youโ€™ll be expected to do this without charge), you need to pay for the relay system itself.

The proposal is that itโ€™s mandatory for all ISPs.

LOL , as if Great Britain would ever, let alone quickly, close our borders when there is a pandemic. So naive.

RT tdp_org: If you're using a BBC website to check e.g. if your internet is working, or as a performance benchmark of some kind & you're doing that on HTTP, please could you amend it to HTTPS?
We're getting >50% (25M req/day) of HTTP traffic from machine UAs.
RTs would be greatly appreciated

RT BigBrotherWatch: It is not, and has never been, illegal to go for a walk. It's unbelievable that police are STILL getting the law wrong.

@ASPolice ...can you explain why you decided to fine a woman ยฃ200 for going for a walk on her lunch break?

RT Steve_Laws_: The religion of peace gets angry over a cartoon.

Britain 2021.

This house was wired with coax UHF which is otherwise useless, so redeployed to carry 12V DC for these :-)

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