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RT BigBrotherWatch: Voter fraud is a particularly serious but *exceptionally* rare crime in the UK. Voter ID would do far more damage than good to our democracy. Here are the facts:

OK twitter, do you stuff. I have not put together a new "PC" for a while. I have a headless linux dev box in my loft, and looking to upgrade its hardware. SSDs obvious, but what form factor? What motherboard? What CPU? What's good these days?

Hey @ICOnews what is your view on people like @LGUK collecting personal data based on "agreement" where the person agreeing is not the same person using the TV?

Arrrg, what is it with web sites saying "in stock" for "immediate dispatch", and then not.

RT neil_neilzone: This consultation *really* needs attention, since Ofcom seems quite keen to compel all ISPs โ€” including those who do not provide telephony services โ€” to "provide or contract to provide an Emergency Video Relay Service which has been approved by Ofcomโ€.

Surely when you emailed at 8pm last night saying my new arm-chair would be delivered between 7am and 10am today, you KNEW that you had no stock! Surely when I ordered you KNEW if you had stock! Why email me now telling me the delivery is off. Where is my arm chair? @Wayfair

This simple cartoon will convince someone that the vaccine is a good idea by explaining what it does. Probably a lot of people. And it will actually save lives, many lives. Randall, @xkcd, you should be very proud of your work.

QT xkcd: mRNA Vaccine

Wow, the high glucose alarm is bloody loud, unlike the low glucose. That seems backwards to me. (@FreeStyleLibre)

A low blood sugar alarm is going to take getting used to. But it does seem to work, and avoid me getting a lot lower and waking up shaking! I just need to get better settled in this new routine in the new house...

Grr! Picking a new RJ45 crimp tool is not as easy as it sounds. One I may blog on later.

RT cybergibbons: I've written a more accessible blog about the NurseryCam issues, focusing on the fundamental design flaws.

If you are a user of the system, parent or nursery, I advise you read this.

Given that I no longer have space for my milling machine, whatโ€™s a good site for (UK) ordering small, low volume, fast turnaround, prototype PCBs (single or double sided)?

Iโ€™m new to Aldi, itโ€™s weird isnโ€™t it?!
We are literally about 3 minutes walk from Aldi now, so really useful.
Their fake Doritos are quite nice...
(Eating a whole bag may just test the high blood sugar alarm on my phone, Iโ€™ll see).

RT AdamWagner1: The hotel quarantine rules come into force tomorrow morning (Monday) at 4am. Some initial thoughts about the regulations underpinning the policy (which arrived late Friday afternoon) in this thread ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

RT ed_win_s: "ParrentAccessModel is a list of nursery IP addresses, ports, usernames, and passwords to connect directly to the DVRs.

These are not per-parent credentials.

The user is admin.

The password is admin888."

Generic admin credentials transmitted in-the-clear.


Not wishing to be thick, but this freestyle libre 2 with bluetooth seems to only use it for alerts but not readings. Am I missing something. I have only just put it on, but why still the need to scan (more than initialisation)? Why not report the readings over bluetooth as well?

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