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RT doctor_oxford: 20th Nov: Express front page

9th Jan: Covid death toll exceeds 80,000

RT SuzHu: @AdamWagner1 Police parked in a country lane & pulled over my friend to ask where she was going (weekly shop). They ran her address & told her which supermarket she should shop at instead (!), even though she canโ€™t get it all at that much smaller shop. She was only a 5-minute drive from home.

RT LordStras: At last, the first real benefit of Brexit. Hang on a minute, isn't this one of the problems those Project Fear idiots warned us about. Dodgy chicken next.

RT horton_official: Government has approved the use of bee-toxic neonicotinoids - admitting that the risks to bees would not allow its use under standard approval and that "risks to birds from consuming treated seeds were not demonstrated to be acceptable". Approved it anyway

I think my Trump Tweet Machine (teletype) has managed a transition quite well. But it will have somewhat less wear going forward I suspect ๐Ÿ™‚

Twitter said that last tweet was what did it. It puzzled me momentarily - but it is saying he'll be "safe" somewhere else. That is scary.

That is impressive trolling from Microsoft - well done.

QT Microsoft: Itโ€™s now safe to turn off your computer.

I do find it quite amazing that there was a line he had to cross. Nobody (not even him) knew where that line was. We were all amazed that we had not found it so many times, but now he has finally crossed that line it is all happening.
This is going to be a hard fall.

RT DiscussingFilm: โ€˜Home Alone 2: Lost In New Yorkโ€™ star Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter.

RT davidallengreen: So @realdonaldtrump finally tried to make a joke about blowing up Robin Hood Airport.

RT Tony_Diver: Amazingly, Derbyshire Police have started telling people you can't take hot drinks on your walk as it is "classed as a picnic".

Can US department of defence (if that is who it is) suspend his โ€œlaunch codesโ€ account too please. Asking for the rest of the world.

Nope, @AmazonUK have not stopped selling this illegally dangerous product, in fact it is on offer now! They even looked at my review and published it!

RT th3j35t3r: "Trump was walking around the White House confused about why other people on his team werenโ€™t as excited as he was as you had rioters pushing against Capitol Police trying to get into the building.โ€

RT BigBrotherWatch: Thought @policescotland couldn't get any worse? WRONG

The police chief defended *charging* the girl after her seizure & told press of a 'house party'. We can confirm only the 2 children were at home with the 2 adults seen in the video.

This is not over.

Sadly it looks like 20th Jan won't be my moving day. Shame, we'd be moving voluntarily on the 20th :-)

RT matthew_d_green: FBI: We need encryption backdoors to fight terrorism.

Actual terrorists: *post selfies to Reddit.*

Using law to manage covid is tricky. I know someone who tested positive (they are recovering now). They did not tell test and trace their contacts. Why? Because they had broken the rules (met more people than they should) and so weโ€™re afraid they would be fined if they told! 1/3

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