@penguin42 Blood tests I purchased for office. G and M indicate antibodies. C is control.

Only just showing now (4 weeks since jab).
I wonder if it will be a boy antibody or a girl antibody :-)

Hey @PCBTrain How easy is it to change the artwork on an order I sent today? I've emailed, but not reply.

Hmm, even though the PN532 command sequences are basically half duplex, I donโ€™t see anything in the data sheet that could be used to control a two way serial driver. Thatโ€™s a shame. Would have been a good use for P70_IRQ in HSU mode. Maybe I need to read more.

Replaced the nodemcu board I was using for my ASR33 teletype with one of my tiny ESP32 boards.
Much neater and smaller.

Well... ukcybersecurity.org.uk/ (now that they have it) is nice and secure :-)
So much so that it points to a site which does not have it set up for https.
Well done UK Cyber Security Council, you keep showing us some fun (in)security examples.

Anyone I know used the elechouse PN532 RF reader boards? They are neat, but I was wondering about actually making one myself with a few tweaks...

@neil And not forgetting that the sender cannot tell if the recipient is an "individual subscriber", even if it is a "business" email address (whatever that is), so cannot really email anyone and be safe from PECR.

One of the most fun things I did during lockdown was get an ASR33 teletype working. It involved working with a good friend who motivated me, and needed a lot of planning and covid tests and so on, but it was one of the highlights of the year and it now proudly sits in my hallway.

RT davidallengreen: The Five Ways In Which Prime Minister Boris Johnson Personally Owns The Withdrawal Agreement And Northern Irish Protocol

- a thread

RT RiCHi: Owners of public @GitHub projects have been noticing weird stuff recently: Random users are forking repos, then pull-requesting a change that includes an obfuscated GitHub Action.

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