RT harriet1marsden: As an aside, jury service in 2016 was my first inkling into how broken our justice system really is. Without going into too much detail, the guy on trial had been waiting for his day in court *for almost a year* (1/) twitter.com/BarristerSecret/st

RT CarolineLucas: Extraordinary

MPs vote 353 to 277 to deprive themselves of powers to scrutinise & approve new trade deals

Why on earth are so many Tories so keen to weaken parliament? And so complicit in their own diminution?

Astonishing act of self-sabotage


Busy making lists. Is it sad that I am using a gitlab checklist for my house move?

It occurred to me, given how much Welsh And Transfer tax is, would it not be easier to but welsh houses in a company and sell the company only paying normal stamp duty. What of a non UK company where there is no stamps duty to transfer shares?

@mansr Which would suggest the same exceptions should apply to motorcycle helmets and seat belts and so on.

It took telling the agent that if they donโ€™t sort it today the offer goes down ยฃ5k. Somehow that kicked things in to motion and we have finally now exchanged.

Have solicitors doing conveyancing not heard of conference calls or zoom type meetings?

I think next time I buy a house I need to get my blood pressure prescription changed in advance!

I mean, could they have exchanged contracts by post? Would that have actually been quicker?

@mansr I mean is it discrimination to put someone that is unable to wear a hard hat on a part of a construction site that does not require them. No, itโ€™s accommodation.

Someone needs to make a house exchange web site allowing each solicitor to cover the key points they normally do over the phone but allowing them to work asynchronously so exchange happens when last party ticks the box...

@mansr It is completely correct to make adjustments for disabled people. You don't assign someone in a wheel chair to stack high shelves they cannot reach. That is not discrimination, it is accommodation, and right and proper. Same for putting a plague spreader away from the customers!

RT BrewDogJames: Hi @MattHancock & @NicolaSturgeon

We would like to offer our closed @BrewDog venues to help with a quick roll out of the vaccine. For free.

We have waiting areas, huge refrigerators, seperate rooms for vaccinatations and an ace team who can help organise.

We want to help.

I chilled a bit as I have pretty much resigned myself to not shopping somewhere that deliberately puts customers at risk for the sake of a Sunflower lanyard. They could have put such staff is an appropriate role instead. Iโ€™ve shopped at @marksandspencer for about 40 years.

RT rsmck: How wrong can they get this?!

Itโ€™s literally one of the permitted reasons in the law for being outside the place theyโ€™re living.

The cannabis possession is an offence but stop trying to embellish it with meaningless nonsense like โ€œnonessential travelโ€ twitter.com/merpoltraffic/stat

RT GMBStuart: The UK is currently reporting more new deaths and more new cases than every other country in the World

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