@dysfun I may be wrong, but depends on wording of the law. It may be that ofgem have no choice but to revise it if usage changes even. We’ve seen how badly some of these rushed laws are in the past. Even if they have a choice I bet energy companies pester them.

Just occurred to me.
The energy cap is based on the average being £2500.
If lots of people cut down usage, surely @ofgem can still revise the cap each 3 or 6 months to meet that £2500 average over next 2 years.
So if we all reduce usage, then prices will go up to match?

I think my photo printers is printing 6x4s faster than they are going on to the USB stick!

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@ahnlak Indeed, I'll be doing a bit of checking as well.

OK, I know, it was obvious, and inevitable, but cheap USB sticks off Amazon are the slowest USB sticks, and make me long for the time when I saved files on cassette tape.
Thankfully they should be sufficient for this purpose, when eventually done.

@bananarama And I draw the line at messing inside consumer units personally, most other shit I am happy to do in my own home. And if I do anything more than changing a socket/light fitting I get it checked.

@bananarama I have a tame electrician. Some stuff you can DIY, some needs checking, etc, AFAIK.

Starting to look tidy now the holes are being filled.

@mike I did not say it did, but the end result of nobody eating meat will be millions of animals not existing - that is all I was saying. It is a consequence to consider. I really don’t know how you compare such things though.

@zudlig @mike Quite, it is really not simple. Veganism will mean extinct breeds and species which which is hard to empathise with or compare. It is hard to evaluate the cruelty of making something "not exist". Breeding animals in cruel conditions is bad. One could breed animals is good conditions and with a good life that then ends with them as meat or leather or whatever. There are middle grounds. I think.

@mike Oh, I am quite sure that would create a lot of empathy. I am not a monster. The converse, bearing witness to non existence, that is harder to envisage or empathise with. Comparison to NULL is not easy. Once cannot imagine or empathise with "not existing".

@mike That is simplistic, obviously. One can feel it is wrong for animals to be used for food, but feel it is worse for them to never exist. Once can feel that if animals are used for food they should at least live in good conditions for their life as that is better than never living. It is never quite as simple, is it?!

@mike To be honest I have no way to compare never being born with anything else - it is comparison with NULL. It is nonsensical. Yes, happy to think about it, but it does, for now, for me, seem harsh the condemn breeds, even species, to non existence, which seems to be the ultimate outcome.

@mike What could happen is that we end up with meat grown without the rest of the animal, no suffering, no moral objection, and meat eaters still eat meat, but vegans get the extinction of breeds, and the "never being born" that they expect for animals too.

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