At least the 3D case is a perfect fit :-)
[SCAD created automatically from PCB file]

My QR code tools on GitHub allows generation of QR codes in many formats, including a module so you can make a QR code in copper. @ryan

Reworked with thinner tracks and 0402 components, ESP32-PICO-NANO-02, Tiny 0.6" x 0.7" PCB, RGB LED, Regulator (DC 4V-60V), 5 pin programming (same as Shelly 1), 14 full GPIO pins (inc Tx, Rx, GPOIO0). Hoping I can hand assemble 0402 - will be a first for me!

Also, only 17.7mm x 13.5mm board, and includes an RGB LED. is fun.

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My latest board is not really a "relay" board as such, as I have used ISL89410 drivers. These seem really nice and will push/pull a reasonable current from the 12V supply. I've done it as an 8 output board, but quite small, 46.5mm x 30mm. As ever, parts are difficult to get hold of right now. Should have this in a couple of weeks.

I do like . This new boarded ordered (will be a couple of weeks). Should make a nice environmental monitor, display, and air-con control point.

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