Record day yesterday here in nearly 65kWh. Would have been higher but export limited to 6kW.

Wow, the road outside my house has just been dropped to 20 mph. Cool.

It is a nice morning for a walk. I do hope the weather starts to improve though.

I am sure newbies from Twitter will be missing their inane posts with cat pics and pics of people’s lunch, so I thought I would do my bit.
But as it is not Twitter, I can do better.
This is a chicken biryani, without onions, but done with a korma sauce. Not quite the standard offering, but the Cinnamon Tree in are happy to accommodate, and I can highly recommend them. I wonder if anyone in Abergavenny will see this - do say.
How many of you like slightly off menu items?

I am seeing a few small "20" limit "reminder" signs in . This one pictured in Cross St, and there is even one in Belmont Close. What is odd is there is no full size "20" sign for where it starts or a "30" for where it ends. Is that even legal? How can motorists follow rules if Monmouthshire council cannot follow the rules for road signs!

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