For some reason this amused me.
Installed CUPS on a Pi and connected a Zebra thermal printer (4"x6" postage labels), and as if by magic it appears as a printer on my phone. Cool.


QT rsmck: In a modern society this disparity is unacceptable. If live events canโ€™t take place, worship canโ€™t take place and vice-versa. The virus does not discriminate based on your religious belief - what happened to separation of church and state?!

Iโ€™ve been having fun double checking my 1d barcode library complies exactly to GS-1 spec.

People really have no idea what the beneficiary reference is actually for when sending a payment. Clue, we know who we are and donโ€™t need to be told! What we need to know is which account reference/number on our system you are paying us for! :-)

I donโ€™t get it, ? I seem to be able to turn on and off both consent and legitimate interests.

RT KDbyProxy: Donald Trump on computer hacking: "Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password."


Obviously it does not matter what is printed on your SIM card, what matters is the service. But it is cool that you can order an @aaisp SIM card printed with your own choice of artwork!

I have only just discovered that in 2019 they officially banned the 24:00 โ€œend of dayโ€ version of โ€œmidnightโ€. Iโ€™m shocked as an amusing point of pedantry has now vanished, but in the long run it does completely clarify โ€œmidnightโ€ by international standard now.

RT gcluley: Umm.. Twitter hasn't been shut down.

Why on earth would the President of the United States tweet that it has?

Read that again, the *President* of the *United States*.

Something here ain't normal.

Ha, nice one @Apple , selection an image with a QR allows you to link to QR now. Randall (@xkcd) is thwarted!

In every sci-fi that has people hooked up to some sort of suspended animation / artificial reality system, it is impossible to โ€œun plugโ€ people without risking killing them. Future technologists please donโ€™t have this stupid flaw. (Star Trek Voyager this time).

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