Only just showing now (4 weeks since jab).
I wonder if it will be a boy antibody or a girl antibody :-)

Replaced the nodemcu board I was using for my ASR33 teletype with one of my tiny ESP32 boards.
Much neater and smaller.

Well... (now that they have it) is nice and secure :-)
So much so that it points to a site which does not have it set up for https.
Well done UK Cyber Security Council, you keep showing us some fun (in)security examples.

Wow, I allocated that number and put on a lost dog poster only yesterday and today someone is poking a vet based API with it. Probably another good reason for a temporary number on log dog posters!!!

Watching โ€œTravellersโ€ (I watched it ages ago so donโ€™t remember it all) and just got to the bit that looks a lot like they all get COVID-19 :-)

I see people have also registered some of the alternative obvious domains, e.g. which they also failed to protect. It is hard to think of all of them, but missing one you use in an actual press release was a tad careless.

Jim: How can I plug one of these in to one of those?
Me: Give me a mo... It'll be ready in 90 minutes (print time)...
[gotta love OpenSCAD and a set of calipers]

Cant get dentist for 2 weeks, arg.
So, google temporary fillings.
Which to pick... Hmmm.

OK @RSComponents what is going on? This is literally a few resistors that you have in stock, ordered 8:50am on Thursday and not shipped yet. I assume "same day dispatch" is no longer a thing with RS now, not even "same week"!

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