I need to get better at drilling straight holes…

Seriously, Daikin, this is convoluted. Why not simply stop the compressor a bit when too cold and start again when back. How hard is that. This basically breaks the air-con!!!

A wire brush and IPA makes that look pretty good, for a board done with no solder paste / mask.

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At least the 3D case is a perfect fit :-)
[SCAD created automatically from PCB file]

Just watching TNG and got to this classic.
There are FOUR lights!

Arrrg. My 3D model for the display is a simple block to show size, etc. It is not clear which way up it is, and I don't normally care as I can "drive" the display any way around. But it has a way up, in that one side has a big gap. When I added the 3 buttons to be a user interface and work with the display I did not realise I had them the wrong side. Swapping the sensor and buttons on the right here is all it needs. All the way up to actually assembling one, and it looked so right/cool. Oh well.

Tooting a cartoon is a bit naff, but I can so relate to this. OK, I don't have a "boss" (apart from my staff and my customers) but it can take something so simple to kill that mood. It is a great feeling when it all works though.

These things really go a lot better when you have a proper solder paste stencil 🙂

Finally, an ultrasonic clean (not impressed, to be honest) and a 3D printed case.

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Part 2. Discover someone forgot to order the stencil for the other side. FFS. So, let's try something new. Solder tin, flux, placement on the flux to hold in place, and cook... Never tried this before.

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A story of soldering, in a couple of parts. Part 1. New PCB arrives, and solder stencil. So simple, stencil and cook...

For some reason the serial comms to this damn keypad is not as clean as it should be. Occasional checksum errors. My original code took a brute force approach to errors, starting from scratch and resending everything. It made it sluggish to say the least. New code reacts in milliseconds, resending last packet. Much nicer and more responsive now…

Am I crazy for not actually reading this yet? It seems too much of a finality to actually read the last book.

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