Starting to look tidy now the holes are being filled.

Winter is coming, first room that has actuators on the rads now under test. Will be interesting.
[These things come in a variety of fittings and modes and voltages, this was 3rd attempt at one, but it does fit, yay]

Does anyone else find it slightly weird seeing non food stuffs labeled "vegan". I am mean I guess it is not daft in some cases, but are there really any non-vegan antibacterial hand washes out there?

You have to love open source.
I have not actually managed to find where the fonts are though, I just changed 0 on the display, which is not ideal as I would like a visually distinct 0 and O, but it is a start.

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Well, I got one, and impressed. And the buttons seem fine. Only grip is why crossed zeros - maybe I should make a custom build without.

I really have not done well with steps today, but I saw some people on the TV that will have totally nailed it!

I've done tomorrow's steps already, just in case there is nowhere open so I don't go anywhere tomorrow...

I managed to get though the night, not just to sunrise, but to solar powering things again. All on the Tesla battery over night, just before it hit the 16% reserve.
That means zero grid draw in over 24 hours, even using the hot tub in the day yesterday. We even exported 9½kWh to the grid.

I went to Abergavenny food festival and all I got was this signed xkcd book :-)

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