RT BrewDogJames: Hi @MattHancock & @NicolaSturgeon

We would like to offer our closed @BrewDog venues to help with a quick roll out of the vaccine. For free.

We have waiting areas, huge refrigerators, seperate rooms for vaccinatations and an ace team who can help organise.

We want to help.

RT rsmck: How wrong can they get this?!

Itโ€™s literally one of the permitted reasons in the law for being outside the place theyโ€™re living.

The cannabis possession is an offence but stop trying to embellish it with meaningless nonsense like โ€œnonessential travelโ€ twitter.com/merpoltraffic/stat

RT GMBStuart: The UK is currently reporting more new deaths and more new cases than every other country in the World

Dear @marksandspencer - I know staff can be exempt from wearing a mask. If it is indeed your policy to allow such people to walk around the shop bumping in to people, can you tell me what times you don't have such people on shift so I can shop around them? Ta. (Bracknell).

A bit longer than a tweet, and not trying to be a dick, honest. But as an employer and retailer, do @marksandspencer have a policy on this? And what are the ethics of which person is entitled to not have anxiety and distress?

RT BBCPolitics: Baroness Smith says older people in Essex given bulk appointments for vaccines have been told: โ€œWe've run out... come back next weekโ€

Labourโ€™s leader in the Lords says local testing centres will give people the "hope and optimismโ€ they need


This is the level of checking done by @AmazonUK on electrical products they sell in the UK!
(basically, it seems, none!)

Hmm, my teletype may need to follow someone that does not mostly post cartoons (@xkcd) - that or I need some very clever ascii art conversion code :-)

FOI those expert reports?
@Number10press @GOVUK
Please take this as an FOI request - please provide copies of the expert reports relevant to the decision?

QT MimiJ9: Lying cunts

RT doctor_oxford: 20th Nov: Express front page

9th Jan: Covid death toll exceeds 80,000

I think my Trump Tweet Machine (teletype) has managed a transition quite well. But it will have somewhat less wear going forward I suspect ๐Ÿ™‚

Twitter said that last tweet was what did it. It puzzled me momentarily - but it is saying he'll be "safe" somewhere else. That is scary.

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