@revk 😂 😂 😂 I have followed your w3w stuff and I understand your very good points about such a system being used. Maybe I missed your writing on it but what kind of easy to use system, where or if appropriate, would you suggest in its place?

@26aafa19 Oh so many.
1. AML - in UK the police, etc can get direct location from mobile on the call, not typing or verbal.
2. SARLOC, text to a phone with link to report location.
3. Anything giving a simple grid reference, OS Locate, find.me.uk, etc.
4. A full grid reference lat/lon from any mapping app on any phone.

@26aafa19 if only police asked that very question.

@revk Yeah, there are usually several solutions already extant before you start any project. It is always a good idea to look them and have some _really_ good justifications before you make a decision.

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