Pissed that UK ICO think an organisation is not required to correct the email address they have record for me!

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@curtispf Organisation refuses to correct the email address they hold for me. ICO say it is a "customer service issue" and that I don't have a right to rectification under (UK) GDPR. To be clear, they accept the email address is valid (in an email to that address even).

It works like this...
(a) here's my email address: We can't accept that, even though we agree it is valid!
(b) here's a temporary email address: Great account created
(c) Update my email address under GDPR: we can't
(d) you are breaking the law by not doing so, you have 30 days.
(e) court?

@revk @curtispf is it a "weird" valid email? Without tld or something similar? Do they have a reason? Any reason?

@andreasio @curtispf it is a valid email address, even they say that, and email me using it. Just a bit short for their liking for some reason.

@revk Hmm. Standard "not a lawyer, don't know what I'm talking about" disclaimers apply, of course, but... DPA 2018 says that data is "inaccurate" if it's “incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact", and the right to rectification in GDPR only applies when the data is inaccurate. So, if the temporary email address is valid... they may have a point.

@curtispf (a) that is not why they objected, and (b) it is no longer a valid email for me, so no.

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