@revk the one on the picture shown is one unit ("5") too long for the outside (risk grabbing with a wrench) and one (5) too short for the inner side (to clamp the mount of a budget IoT-Servo)

@adorfer I did wonder, and measured and 5mm shorted would be noticeably recessed. It does have snap offs though. But good point.

@revk if it's the outside: perhaps look for a bezle that is a bit thicker. You shoud put one which is bolted from the backside anyway, in case it is a door facing to the public.

@adorfer that is my test (internal) door, but yes the public accessible one is somewhat better. I may add a note to the blog on that.

@adorfer @adorfer I don't understand the comment on inside - that's a thumb turn. What budget IoT servo?

@adorfer Ah, you mean if I wanted to attach an IoT servo, OK, gotcha. I am using an Abloy EL560 to do this, so no need 🙂

i mean such a device with some kind of RF/keyfob, to drive the key from inside. it needs about 10mm of euro-cylinder to clamp on. (if not, you have to fall back to screwing it onto the frame or attempting to use some 3m sticky tape)

@adorfer yeh, I make my own RFID and control stuff…

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