So much discussion on the merits of IPv6 over on twitter. Do we get the same here? Are people anti-IPv6 in the fediverse?

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@onepict Last poll got 11 people. Not sure. I could try one. My viewpoint is as coding and design of routers that do IPv6, and running a UK ISP that has done IPv6 for 20 years now.

Well I'm probably biased as a customer of yours and as a customer of

I'm definitely biased for IPv6 as @librecast is explicitly IPv6 multicast.

I mean IPv4 multicast sucks.

@onepict @librecast TBH multicast mostly sucks, IMHO. I could be persuaded otherwise perhaps.

@onepict @librecast I have ideas on wide area networking multicast to be honest. Maybe discuss some day. If IPv6 multicast works sensible it could be that I guess. Local network multicast is simple, and painful, at the same time, but makes sense IPv4 to IPv6.


But anytime you want to discuss wide area networking with Multicast, I know we'd be listening.

@onepict Actually tempting. You probably know I make routers so interesting in how that can work in core networks.

Indeed I do.

@dentangle and I have wondered about multicast functionality and firebricks.

@onepict @dentangle Very limited indeed, and something to consider in the future. We handle it at Ethernet/IPv6 for ND, but not a lot beyond that (yet)

@revk @dentangle
Plus routers like juniper have the functionality, but it's often compiled out. It's why Brett describes multicast rollout as a bit of a chicken and egg problem. There's a bit of a blind spot where people mainly think about multicast for purely streaming but people like @OlivierAuber were experimenting with various applications of IPv4 multicast.

@onepict @dentangle @OlivierAuber I am not sure IPv4 multicast really made sense outside the LAN, so yeh, may be worth a chat.

@revk @onepict @dentangle
Please have a look on the the experiments made over the #Mbone (Rolling Stones versus Poietic Generator)


But multicast is baked into IPv6. So I think there's potential, but we need the same amount of development that went into reliability for TCP/IP, which funnily enough @dentangle is working atm with FEC

@onepict @dentangle @OlivierAuber And the 240/4 nutters would love to hijack 224/4 for unicast if they could instead of using IPv6.

@onepict @revk

biased as well having worked with 6lowpan and coap.

Would love some more IPv6 around

@revk I don’t know what the actual objections to IPv6 are, so maybe this is unfair, but I think a whole lot of very smart people threw stones at the proposal years ago and nobody really had any better ideas. And I don’t see how anything has changed since.

IMO, we made a mistake with introducing CIDR and CGNAT, because they extended the life of IPv4. It would have been an easier transition 25 years ago.

But like planting a tree, the best time is always decades ago. 2nd best is now.

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