@revk wow... either these people are frauds or very bad at their jobs. ๐Ÿคฃ

@revk Oh excellent - I see references from isaca.org's and IET; all of the 'professional bodies'; perhaps you're best contacting someone at wcit.org.uk just since it has the best name?

@revk You ask on twitter what they might send you a lawyers letter for; trademarks? I see they have the actual graphic trademarked I can't tell if that means the name is.

@penguin42 OK but ukcybersecurity is not their trademark is it.they are, and their logo is, "uk cyber security council" which is different. "UK cyber security" is generic and not trademarked. Oh, and, I am not trading :-)

@revk Makes you wonder who owns ukcybersecuritycouncil.org.uk then; someone does (but it gives a 502)

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