@revk The use of ฮจ must make life a lot harder; first of all they must have a 'conversation' with that gene printer to make it do the 5th base; secondly how do they mass produce it?

@penguin42 Surely it would not be harder than any of the other bases to print or copy? To be honest I simply don't know enough about it.

@revk I don't think it's harder - you'd just have to be able to make it deal with 5 bases rather than 4; but my vague understanding was that you normally printed chunks of RNA/DNA and then used some existing organism/yeast to replicate it for you in quantity - I don't think you can do that if you've got another base in there.

@revk I had a chat to someone on ##biology - the main thing is actually all of the U's are replaced by ฮจ; so you're only dealing with 4 bases still; so it gets a lot simpler; then you can copy from DNA or from RNA to make mRNA without the rest of the organism these days, and even use modified transcriptases etc

@penguin42 That is cool!
None of these machines take paper tape though ๐Ÿ™‚

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