Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

@revk I see quite a few new users registering and starting to interact so certainly still growing!

@revk I've been on many dead social networks, but this ain't one of them

This decentralized platform idea is too good to be true so it probably is.

@revk Haha, you probably aren't going to get people saying it's dying ON the platform. The active users are by definition the ones likely to respond.

That said, I find it great and quite active. 🙂 If the users are happy and not leaving, it will continue - there is no startup behind the scenes needing to make $$$ or get 10x MAU's every few months.

@revk I just joined, idk how that represents the world but i'd say it's still growing at least a little.


Maybe another option - "doing just fine, why grow?"

@funnypanja @revk

I don't know, I think the power of Mastodon as an alternative is that it is smaller. It already has reach, but (joyfully) doesn't suffer from the problems that scale brings.

@funnypanja @revk

The arrival of celebrity, monetisation, all the hate that comes with a massively-scaled communication platform.

The benefit of Mastodon is that it doesn't have to be large. What has to scale is the adoption of federated communication protocols, the platforms themselves benefit from keeping small (in my opinion).

@nigeldgreen @revk those issues all come from a lack of moderation and good guide lines, not increased size.

@funnypanja @revk

I don't agree. But it's my second point that's the main thrust of the argument.

@revk if william shatner can't even find lance ulanoff, does it even count as social media?

@revk Neither.

Far as I can tell some of the PV crowd might've left, but our corner here at least has been stable.

@revk dunno about Mastodon servers specifically but the Fediverse as a whole is doing just fine k thx :blobowo:

@revk Dunno about either, really. Doesn't seem dead but I don't know if it's grown either.

@revk no, no, we have enough people already, move along :-)

@larrydavis I'm rather puzzled that they add up to a lot more than 100%, to be honest.

Oh yeah..... what the hell, I’ve never seen that happen

@revk Wait, hold on, those aren't the only two options, and the unmentioned third option of "still a thing that people are regularly using to socialize (with each other, with probably approximately the same amount of users like maybe a little more but *shrug*)" is the ideal.

@revk just finding out about it now. Pretty amazed and excited!

@revk of course it is!! it has changed somewhat but hasn't gone away

@calculsoberic @revk While I am traveling around the :fediverse:
This is far more interesting that being on that kind of plaforms...

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