RT PaulbernalUK: If @DCMS were serious about dealing with fake news, disinformation & misinformation, they would reprimand @MattHancock, @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and others for spreading false stories about how Brexit allowed approval of the vaccine faster. It didnโ€™t. Everything was following EU Law.

RT tnicholsmd: He came in by ambulance short of breath. Already on CPAP by EMS. Still, he was clearly working hard to breathe. He looked sick. Uncomfortable. Scared.

As we got him over to the gurney and his shirt off to switch a a hospital gown, we all noticed the number of Nazi tattoos. 1/

RT joanna_louise0: Just held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed your meal. twitter.com/lozzafox/status/13

RT SmoggyPower: @PaulbernalUK Patel has just made life for Brits in Norway very difficult.

Loads have been told to come back to Britain.
Get a Norwegian residence permit.
Must have a degree, a job to go to and a minimum wage threshold.
And no longer allowed to use UK companies contract.

What a clusterfuck.

How the hell does one get legal advice for something planned as far in the future as "later this week". I mean, who the hell knows what the law will be by then. I'm crazy thinking anyone could possible know.

RT lisaocarroll: Did you know? Brits settled in EU with EU spouses lose automatic right to come home as a family after March 2022. Instead they must go through Priti Patelโ€™s points system. British in Europe and The3million have tirelessly campaigned on this loss of rights theguardian.com/world/2020/nov

What is this crap @apple?
I donโ€™t want to โ€œopen in...โ€ anything.
I bought this, ages ago, just fucking play it.

So is there any reason *not* to use "WPA3 Enterprise" mode WiFi at home? Seems to work with freeradius with no problem.

Well, I ha e just got my first Welsh (.wales and .cymru) domain names!

RT cyberleagle: We don't. The debate is about a proposed legal regime that has no offline equivalent and is more restrictive. twitter.com/Becky_Slack/status

Wow twitter.com/emilythornberry/st

QT EmilyThornberry: Yesterday in the House, I confronted Liz Truss with her own Departmentโ€™s report on the question sheโ€™s repeatedly refused to answer: whatโ€™s the difference, in pounds and pence, between her Japan deal and the EU-Japan deal it replaces? She didnโ€™t look happy.

Apparently Iโ€™m not pregnant :-)
No antibodies is almost disappointing given the few nasty colds and persistent coughs Iโ€™ve had this year, but I guess it also means that being careful has in fact been working and we need to keep going until we have a vaccine.

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