RT brianklaas: This is so dangerous and authoritarian. ALL legally cast ballots must be counted. That's when the election ends. Saying otherwise is saying that you plan to steal the election and illegitimately grab power. twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st

RT jamesrbuk: Weโ€™ve absolutely blown it. Itโ€™s too late for a circuit-breaker, and yet the government is still dithering with its failed tier systems.

Weโ€™re about to have thousands more deaths, and another lockdown is inevitable. And the longer we wait, the longer it will be. twitter.com/shaunlintern/statu

RT Ottojizzmark: I recently asked people not to retweet this image as it really upsets Mr Gove, my plea fell on deaf ears with thousands of RTs causing great upset to Gove. So again I beg you please don't retweet thank you.


QT alexbloor: Hi, @GOVUK

Why on earth would the UK stop accepting the CE mark on products? I understand we might not be able to issue UK made products (as easily) with the CE mark, but why on EARTH would we stop accepting it?

Is it just a wish to delete anything vaguely European-ish?

Why would you make a printer that talks both Ethernet and USB have totally different commands and parameters for the two? That is crazy. AFAIK neither is any sort of standard. Both have simple commands and parameters. But the command numbers and parameters donโ€™t agree at all!

I am about to dip my toe in the can of worms that is USB. Armed with wireshark and libusb. Wish me luck :-)
[reverse engineering windows printer driver and writing Linux one]

Wow, whoโ€™d have though that could happen. Fucking idiots (sorry). twitter.com/skynews/status/132

QT SkyNews: The Eat Out to Help Out scheme caused a 'significant' rise in new infections, according to a university study trib.al/IjYGYMG

For some reason this amused me.
Installed CUPS on a Pi and connected a Zebra thermal printer (4"x6" postage labels), and as if by magic it appears as a printer on my phone. Cool.

Why is it that someone only says "Thank you again for your patience and understanding" when you really (and justifiably, IMHO) have had no more patience or understanding left.

Wondering if it was wise to have bought from @DatabacInfo in the first place. I have spent the last week twiddling my thumbs waiting for an "adjustment" on a printer. Very frustrating.

Hey @ThreeUK if one of your wholesalers is refusing to give us free PACs, is that a concern? Any way to get PACs directly from you? (Several hundred numbers).

I had a case with them too, transferred to French authorities, not a dicky bird. Waste of space!

QT neil_neilzone: *One whole year* ago today, the ICO asked me for, and I provided, more information in relation to my complaint about the SRA and needless use of Google Analytics as part of its (also needless) "digital badge".

I have not had a single update from the ICO. Nothing.

RT donwinslow: Here is a question that will keep us all up at night.

Why didn't thousands of Border Patrol agents refuse to follow this order?

Why didn't thousands of Homeland Security and ICE agents refuse to do this to CHILDREN?

BECAUSE THEY WERE OKAY WITH THIS HORROR. twitter.com/donwinslow/status/

The 2 year oldโ€™s clock had not adjusted to GMT yet :-(

Been up for a while, it has to be 6:30, surely?
Let's just stuck with GMT (UTC+0) permanently now please.

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