Just occurred to me.
The energy cap is based on the average being £2500.
If lots of people cut down usage, surely @ofgem can still revise the cap each 3 or 6 months to meet that £2500 average over next 2 years.
So if we all reduce usage, then prices will go up to match?

I think my photo printers is printing 6x4s faster than they are going on to the USB stick!

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OK, I know, it was obvious, and inevitable, but cheap USB sticks off Amazon are the slowest USB sticks, and make me long for the time when I saved files on cassette tape.
Thankfully they should be sufficient for this purpose, when eventually done.

Starting to look tidy now the holes are being filled.

Winter is coming, first room that has actuators on the rads now under test. Will be interesting.
[These things come in a variety of fittings and modes and voltages, this was 3rd attempt at one, but it does fit, yay]

Does anyone else find it slightly weird seeing non food stuffs labeled "vegan". I am mean I guess it is not daft in some cases, but are there really any non-vegan antibacterial hand washes out there?

You have to love open source.
I have not actually managed to find where the fonts are though, I just changed 0 on the display, which is not ideal as I would like a visually distinct 0 and O, but it is a start.

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Ooh, the swiss micros web site shows dotted zeros not crossed zeros. Hmmm

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Well, I got one, and impressed. And the buttons seem fine. Only grip is why crossed zeros - maybe I should make a custom build without.

I really have not done well with steps today, but I saw some people on the TV that will have totally nailed it!

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