RT publicbenefituk: I have responded to @Nominet Acting Chair Rob Binns' email declining my board transition plan.

It concludes with;
"All of the above is to say that if there should be a second EGM, it will be because you have given the membership no other choice."


RT torproject: If you live in the UK, share this message & take action: tell Parliament that end-to-end encryption keeps us safe. Banning end-to-end encryption, or introducing requirements for companies to scan messages, will remove protections for private citizens. globalencryption.org/open-lett

Nice and responsive, even with the DESFire AES handshake and secure file read from the fobโ€ฆ

Given the horrendous interface to enter postcodes by turning a dial, imagine trying to correctly type three words!

So this is the idea for a bell box module - wiring to go directly to a pyronix box. Should be fun.

Hey @transport_wales, or is it @tfwrail ?
How many times do we have to go round this loop.
Just (a) refund the card I used to pay,
or (b), email *to* the email I used, and I'll reply.
This is the third time around this loop!

RT Dr_D_Robertson: We're only really interested in what's happening now (and in the future), so let's look at the right hand bit. Cases are rising exponentially.

RT dgwbirch: More countries consider biometric age verification buff.ly/2T6AePR

"A bill that makes it mandatory for Canadians intending to visit a pornography site to go through a face biometrics age verification test is raising privacy concerns"

No shit, as they say, Sherlock.

RT markyeg: Just a reminder that the Canadian government is pushing through regulations on Internet speech which means the government has the final say in what is deemed appropriate. We have never had a worse government than Trudeau's in my lifetime.

If there is a hackspace or other good home that would like some of my PN532 NFC reader, or ESP32 based door controller, *bare* boards, I have a few. Free to a good home. All schematics and code on GitHub (RevK). Let me know.

Seriously, I do not know how I got that effect - I did nothing special and have no special filters on the camera, but wow...
Oh, and the new NFC boards work, but not as well as the later design...

Two year old wants to go in the hot tub. I know because she just went and got the test strips for it and handed them to me. I have not worked out how the hell she reached them though!

RT jablonow: When youโ€™re trying to check your EU Settlement Scheme status: โ€œa secure digital status which cannot be lost, damaged or tampered with.โ€

There are days when you realise you are steering your software down a blind alley, and have to just back track and try again. All good fun, and definitely one to sleep on. Yes, I often design software in my sleep :-)

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